International Baccalaureate

How IB will meet the 100,000 student goal

In order to reach this goal, the IB will challenge 100 high school principals out of the 858 existing IB high schools in the US to sign the IB Lead Higher Pledge to take ownership for creating changes that open access to higher-level courses for all their students, especially low-income and students of color. IB’s approach trains educators to fundamentally alter the way they look at students’ potential for success in IB courses and for post-secondary possibilities. The services developed through this project will remove barriers to Diploma Programme participation for underrepresented students and delivers services to schools that are designed to achieve success.

In return for taking on this challenge, the IB and Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) will collaborate to provide support to school leaders taking on the challenge over a three year period.

These support services will include:

An action-planning process embedded with data tools to identify student potential in advanced courses that utilizes student-level factors that are often ignored.


Lead higher

In early 2016, IB will announce a simple application process for IB World Schools to join the Lead Higher Challenge to bring low-income students and students-of-color into your school’s most rigorous academic courses in numbers that fully reflect your school’s economic and racial diversity. If you are interested in finding out more about the IB Lead Higher goals and the application process, please enter your information below and we will contact you soon.

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